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Equipment Know-How

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New Bike? Here's What Else You May Need.

Once you've rounded up the essentials (helmet, pump, seat pack, patch kit, spare tube, tire levers, mini tool, cycling shorts, gloves, jersey, shoes/pedals), these accessories will make your cycling even more enjoyable.

Floor pump: The frame pump (often called a "mini-pump") is essential for emergencies on the road and trail, but for everyday use you'll want a floor pump. It'll make short work of airing your tires and save wear and tear on the frame pump.

One of the joys of cycling is being able to cover lots of ground and a cyclo-computer can tell you how far, how fast and how long you've ridden. Some even have extra functions such as heart rate, cadence (how fast you're pedaling), altitude, and temperature. There are wireless models for a super clean installation too.

Vehicle (car) rack:
The trails or roads you bike aren't always riding distance away, so you may want a rack designed to easily and safely transport your bike on your car, van, truck or SUV. Which one you get depends on how many bikes you'll carry and on the type of vehicle you drive. Ask us to recommend the right rack for you.

Hydration system:
Water bottles and cages are adequate for carrying drinks. But, hydration systems are a great option for quenching your thirst. Insulation keeps your beverage of choice cooler (or warmer) longer and the drinking tube makes sipping more convenient. The capacity on larger systems is almost twice as much as you can carry in two large bottles, too. And, the hydration pack provides a place to stash food, ID, small tools and more.

Don't forget to protect your eyes with sunglasses designed for cycling. It's not just glare you should be concerned about; airborne debris from passing vehicles is hazardous, too. Quality shades provide increased safety, including slightly higher brow coverage for when you're bent over. And the UV protection means less fatigue at the end of long days in the saddle.

Security for your bike is important. Get a good lock and always use it correctly to prevent the heartbreak of bike theft.

Even something as simple as socks can enhance your riding if they're specifically made for cycling. Ours are, and they breathe, wick and reduce friction for maximum comfort on every ride. They also look very cool.

Our staff can suggest other great accessories and help prioritize your purchases.

Equipment Know-How

(FAQ 1 of 12)>>>